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    Jul 2003
    Kannapolis, NC

    Re: Am I being hacked?

    Hmm, well, my explorer never accesses anything, so if your's is, then maybe you do have something wrong with it, however, my firewall is pretty psychotic, so it doesn't let much work lol, I have noticed though, my router sometimes gets blocked by the firewall, saying it's port scanning lol

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    Dec 2000

    Re: Am I being hacked?

    Could these compromised machines be on my LAN?
    If you into the details for the blocked connection, it will tell you what tried to connect to your machine.

    And bryan,even if my firewall blocked it shouldnt I still be concerned?From what I have been told,even if it is blocking it,there is other stuff that is indeed getting through.
    If the firewall blocks the connection then its blocked, the worry is about what is run behind the firewall. ( Aka trojan attachments, ect.)

    Remember that a firewall is only containment step, it doesn't fix or prevent all problems.

    Also I just saw that Vista home costs exactly the same as XP home,should I just get vista instead?
    If you were buying a new system it wouldn't be a bad choice, but vista is still in its push phase so it still needs some ironing out time before I'd advise upgrading to it. ( Make sure to read the features for the version your aiming for as certain versions don't include certain features that you may want.)

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