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    Oct 2001

    DFI ReadMe Sticky

    Okay, it's time to do some sticky condensing, so if you're wondering where all the good info is, it should be here.

    First and foremost, this forum is subject to the PC Perspective Forum Rules. I don't think this is a problem, but for reference, there it is. If you have any questions in regards to these rules, PM me, and I can get an answer. I'm not here to target anybody, but I do have a duty to personally deal with issues residing within the confines of the DFI forum. Having said that, the DFI info:

    NF2 Info
    DFI Mainboard Information and Links started by Vihsadas
    The "Unofficial Infinity/LanParty B FAQ started by t_ski

    NF3 Info
    LanParty-UT 250GB Technical Discussion Thread started by heise3

    NF4 Info
    DFI nF4 builder's guide started by Electric Bill
    Attention: 24-PSU is Required!! started by Big B-man
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