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    Jan 2003
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    how is epox's rma?

    i managed to find an 8kd3a+ maybe 3 months or so ago. i had been looking for that board very specifically to use in a voodoo 4 project. i tested it out and it booted up, but i shelved it and got the rest of the parts. now that i've got them, this board hangs with just about every imaginable post code showing up though 52 is the most common. i've tried 5 different sticks of ram that work in every other machine i have here.

    so is epox likely to deal with it or am i SOL?
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    Mar 2004

    Re: how is epox's rma?

    where did you get the board from? it never hurts to try calling or emailing epox tech support.
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    Re: how is epox's rma?

    I called Epox once and left a message, they called me back in two hours and sent a BIOS chip for free within a week. I have heard some nightmares about next to zero customer support from them though. I think lately the RMA service from Epox has been bad.
    In Japan, Epox is one of the most popular board it seems, but in USA, we kinda hurt them with all the RMAing we do around here for stupid stuff.
    Please post all of the peripherals you are using. Also, do you get to BIOS, or is the screen just black and you are getting codes from the port80 diagnostic LED? Be sure to pull the board out of the case if it's in there and only install the cpu w/ hsf, one stick of ram and then hook up the psu. Fire it up and see if that helps.
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