I like when these guys get nasty. Here is from Hugh Hewitt [who is livid with McCain]

"For those new to McCain-speak, allow me to translate:
Deal's done. I am the guy. I made it happen. My opinion mattered, not yours. What I do in the middle of a campaign for president has nothing to do with politics. My critics are all motivated by politics. Since I have already made up my mind, no debate is necessary, so shut up. Republicans especially shut up. This is how things get done in D.C.: You roll over for Democrats. And by the way, cutting half the fence and leaving the other half subject to the whims of the anti-border security bureaucracy equals protecting national security, just like the Gang of 14 was good for the confirmation process and McCain-Feingold good for the First Amendment. So, if you didn't hear me the first time: Shut up. Sit down. I'm your nominee.
I'm John McCain and I approved of this message.
John McCain's antics throughout 2005-2006 cost the GOP the majority in the Senate. Now he's going to do for Smith, Sununu, Coleman and others what he did for DeWine, Talent and Santorum."