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    Re: Help with Wired Laptop connection

    Quote Originally Posted by syedrehankn View Post
    actually it has something to do with the modem...i went to my friends house and connected directly to the modem and it recognized it right away. This is the modem I have:

    Scientific Atlanta DPX2203

    Any idea why this particular modem is giving me problems and Motorola SB4200 doesnt?
    This modem has voice line capabilities, whether you are using that capability or not. Because of this ability, it should have a battery for backup so that the telephone line would continue to work when the power fails. Consequently, unplugging the power has no effect on the part you need to reset. The .pdf you link to doesn't show how to reset it, but you would either have to remove the power line and the battery or alternatively, there should be a reset button on the back in the vicinity of the Cat 5 cable. Connecting your laptop directly to the modem and then resetting the modem and laptop network connection should allow the laptop to get an IP from the modem. However, as stated earlier, since your laptop works with your friend's router, and not with your's, the solution still points to the two options (firmware or router) that I have already suggested. If you do connect a new router to this modem, you will still need to reset the modem as described in this post - unless you want to wait for the DHCP lease to expire, of course.

    Edit: I originally explained how to do this with this type of modem in post #14, BTW.
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    Re: Help with Wired Laptop connection

    Quote Originally Posted by Sick Willie View Post
    I see how you could write a book about what they tell you, but....never mind, I'm belaboring again.
    lol. I know what you said.

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