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    Nov 2001
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    Re: Korean Peace Treaty?

    And..... Bill gets a result:

    Bill Clinton secures 'pardon' for imprisoned journalists after meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong Il

    Bill Clinton burst back onto the global political stage today, flying to the world’s most secretive state on a spectacular mission to free two imprisoned American journalists and ease tensions on the Korean peninsula.

    His efforts quickly bore fruit. Within hours of shaking the hands of his reclusive host, Kim Jong Il, North Korea dramatically announced that the journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, were free to go.

    “Kim Jong Il issued an order ...on granting a special pardon to the two American journalists who had been sentenced to hard labour in accordance with Article 103 of the Socialist Constitution and releasing them,” North Korea’s official news agency reported.

    They were believed to have flown back home on board Mr Clinton’s plane, which was reported to have left Pyongyang tonight.

    Mr Clinton’s diplomatic coup raised hopes that North Korea may soon be enticed back to multinational disarmament talks after three months of mounting tensions over Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons programme.

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    Mar 2002

    Re: Korean Peace Treaty?

    I wonder what that cost us? KJ does not seem the type to give up anything for free...
    "The most dangerous myth is the demagoguery that business can be made to pay a larger share, thus relieving the individual. Politicians preaching this are either deliberately dishonest, or economically illiterate, and either one should scare us...
    Only people pay taxes, and people pay as consumers every tax that is assessed against a business."

    -The Gipper

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    Sep 2003
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    Re: Korean Peace Treaty?

    Quote Originally Posted by AMDScooter View Post
    I wonder what that cost us? KJ does not seem the type to give up anything for free...

    I don’t know but you can bet the Iranians are watching very closely.

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