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    Oct 2007

    Unhappy Keyboard lights flashing

    Hi peeps my problem is that my keyboard lights are flashing when my pc is switched off and it wont power up. All three lights are flashing quickly, if i turn off the power and switch it back on it stops it and it powers up other times if i pull out the mouse or keyboard it stops them flashing and other times it doesn't.
    I haven't got a clue why this is happening. I have tried re-seating the ram cpu resetting CMOS etc all to no avail. It's strange because the pc works for days with no problem then after shutdown it starts to flash again. Any insight would be a great help. My motherboard is a asrock ALiveNF6G-VSTA, CPU AMD 64 3800+, 512mb ram x2, 600w psu, onboard graphics (saving for new PCi express card). Any help would be appreciated.

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    Oct 2003

    Re: Keyboard lights flashing

    Try a new Powersupply or remove some USB equipment...
    ATX 2.x Powersupply have 3A Rating on +5V, which must power RAM, Southbridge, PS/2 Ports and all USB Ports in Soft Power Off mode.

    A single USB HD can use more than 0,5A even when in Standby Mode. USB WLAN Sticks or Webcams use up to 0,5A. Keyboard ans Mouse use 100...200mA...

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    Oct 2007

    Re: Keyboard lights flashing

    Hi and thanks for replying it must be my psu then because i have nothing plugged in my usb slots. I cannot understand why my psu has gone already its only two months old and i have nothing pulling to much power from it only two hard drives, dvd rewriter, mouse, keyboard, Xfi sound card and a 60mm led case fan.
    I'll try another psu but it puzzles me why it's an intermittent fault and not doing it all of the time.

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    Jun 2001
    Ontario Canada

    Re: Keyboard lights flashing

    Did the new PSU correct your issue? Kind of an odd problem. PSUs are one place should never scrimp when putting a system together. I've used fairly heavily "RATED" power supplies included in the case at time of purchase when assembling a few systems in the past but if they are supporting much they often end up failing not too far into there lifespan.
    If you do replace the power supply get a good quality name brand unit. You really can't over do it cuz you can always use the same supply in future builds.
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    Oct 2007

    Thumbs up Re: Keyboard lights flashing

    Hi sorry for not getting back i got the problem solved i got a new mouse and it stopped doing it so far so hopefully all will stay well. I got my motherboard tested just in case and its fine. I also got in touch with asrock for a solution to the problem and this is what they said.

    Dear Sir,

    We are not sure what causes this problem. Maybe you can try to set PS2_USB_PWR1 jumper to +5V for test:

    Also, if possible, please try with different keyboard and mouse for test.

    If the problem persists, please kindly contact the motherboard dealer to check it. Maybe there is something wrong with the motherboard.

    Thanks for the email.

    Yours truly,


    Thanks to the people who posted to try to help solve the problem.

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