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    Nov 2006

    [FS]: Laptop, 1.7 Ghz ... Wifi ready!

    Title says it all. Up for sale is a Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop.

    This laptop is in exceptional condition - no scratches, keyboard is flawless (and is the best I've ever typed on), 15.4" screen is gorgeous. It even plays does games - I've run UT2004 on it without a problem.


    - Pentium 4m @ 1.7 Ghz (Northwood)
    - DVD/CD-RW drive
    - Floppy drive (hot swappable, you can remove it and add a second battery!)
    - 1GB DDR400 Crucial memory
    - Nvidia Geforce 4 Go 440 graphics
    - 15.4" UXGA "Ultrasharp" screen
    - Toshiba 40GB hard drive, 5400RPM
    - Fresh install of Windows XP Professional

    I managed to dig up most of the accessories I've purchased for it. As an added bonus, I will be including all of these accessories for FREE!

    Added extras:

    + DLink 802.11b PCMCIA wireless adapter
    + ADStech two port USB 2.0 PCMCIA card
    + Logitech optical wheel mouse
    + FREE Dell laptop bag

    Asking price is $310 + shipping.

    Shipping will be via UPS Ground.
    References can be found under JaYp146 @ Heatware, 33-0-0.
    Accepted payment is Paypal, non-CC preferred but not necessary. Personal check, but only after it clears will I send.
    Contact me here via PM, email at JP (dot) Suchocki (at) Gmail (dot) com, or AIM @ JaYp146.
    ISP email's


    Thanks for looking!
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    Jul 2004

    Re: [FS]: Laptop, 1.7 Ghz ... Wifi ready!

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