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    Mar 2007

    XP Freezes after being left idle!

    Hi guys, I'm back with a new prob: (Win XP)

    On Sunday I noticed that my computer would freeze after being left idle for about 10 minutes. And once frozen, which would be when the screensaver was on as it comes on after 10 minutes, Windows wouldn't accept any command. I couldn't even open the task manager at all, I needed to restart the PC.

    So I did, then searched the event logger for errors and the only error I found was SQL Server 2005 failing. Thus I uninstalled itand all it's small bits 'n' pieces. Then I performed a registry check from Glary Utilities.

    After doing this, I decided to download the NFS:ProStreet demo. I left it to donwload with a download manager. After 1 hour I cam back, and the PC opened up well. No freeze. I was happy, thought I solved the problem. Although, the next day it returned and bugging me since.

    I noticed a similar problem a few months ago, which was easily fixed by changing the screen saver back to the default WinXP one, which has been my screensaver ever since, and is now also the one giving me the problem.

    Could some one please, please, help me!

    I have the following:
    Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 1.86GHz
    nVidia nFore 570 SLIT-A Motherboard
    1024MB DDR26667 Kingston RAM + 512MB DDR2667 Kingston RAM= 1.5GB of RAM
    400GB 7200RPM SATA II HDD (Samsung)
    nVidia 7300LE 256MB
    USB Mouse (Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000)
    PS/2 Keyboard

    Hardly any start up programs. Computer starts up easily within minutes.
    Works good n fast. No signs of sluggishness, as far I can see.

    Please could you help me solve this problem,

    Somebody suggested to others facing this problem possible faulty stick of RAM, although I have also Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate 0 Standard slipstreamed (and currently using due to XP's problems), which doesn't at all freeze...

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    Jan 2004
    USA Mi.

    Re: XP Freezes after being left idle!

    By chance, did this start after downloading IE7?

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    Mar 2007

    Re: XP Freezes after being left idle!

    Nope, IE7 been installed since long time, but come to think about it could be....But I hardly doubt it, IE7 was few first programs installed on the PC when new... So I don't remember a problem that early...

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