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    Jul 2004

    Re: MSI 8800 gt 512mb $207.00>gone new deal $234.00

    Yes but Dell clearly took orders for thousands of these cards and had to know that a) they did not have them on hand to fufill the orders and b) know that their supplier could not come up with them. Then to top it off every person that gets in touch with Dell gets a different story. I for one was told two different things by two different Dell reps on the same day. One said that MSI discontinued the card and the other told me that my order was going to ship on time because Dell doesn't take orders they cant fill.
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    Jul 2005

    Re: MSI 8800 gt 512mb $207.00>gone new deal $234.00

    Quote Originally Posted by Airbrushkid View Post
    You don't meet everything in your life!
    Yeah, but I'm not charging people for those expectations.

    I guess I am just spoiled by companies that do conduct themselves in a professional manner, so that when I run into a situation like I am having with dell... it is very obvious how poor their operation is.

    Lets keep the personal insults out please Gator

    that is why you are giving Dells inventory system the benefit of the doubt, but the way you forgive the treatment of the customers in this situation is beyond me.

    Anyhow, cross your fingers for me when I make the customer service call... from the sounds of things, I will need all the help I can get. Cue the code of conduct link again.
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