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    Jul 2005

    Finding modem drivers

    I got Yahoo DSL and i'm not sure I have the best drivers for the modem they gave me (Speedstream 4100b).

    I searched online and cant find drivers anywhere. Can anyone point me to the right place? or tell me another way to get the best drivers?

    My internet shuts down a lot, and restarting this modem fixes it, so I think the drivers might be a problem.

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    Jul 2001
    Northridge Ca

    Re: Finding modem drivers

    Usually external modems don't require software or drivers. Its just a matter of having it connected to a properly installed network card. Once the card acquires an IP from the modem everything should fly. If its disconnecting often make sure you have DSL filters installed properly.


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    Jul 2019

    Re: Finding modem drivers

    Sorry to bring up an old thread...but this is really weird.
    My aunt has the same modem - Speedstream 4100b she's been using it for years without any problems at all and now all of a sudden it's not functioning very well at all. She said she had a friend come round and her son was messing around with her PC so when I checked, he had updated some device drivers - how can i find out what version I should be using?

    Is there an online tool to check?
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    Nov 2001

    Re: Finding modem drivers

    Unless you are using a USB modem, you should not need any drivers for ethernet connection to modem.
    Firmware for the modem can be updated though.
    Probably something else on the pc that was changed.

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