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    Re: Newegg: TRENDnet TEW-432BRP Wireless Firewall Router $9.99 After MIR

    I've always used D-Link routers with much success. My latest the DGL-4300 is the best router I've ever owned.
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    Re: Newegg: TRENDnet TEW-432BRP Wireless Firewall Router $9.99 After MIR

    Quote Originally Posted by Lenny View Post
    As a matter of principle I never give up no matter how small the rebate. Honestly I believe many of the rebate offers are legit but just poorly managed. For those that are intentionally trying to rip you off, well they want you to give up so that's exactly what I won't do.
    I totally agree with you 100% Lenny, if you give up on the fight then is 1 more score on their side, which will only make them feel like they're winning the fight and who knows what will they come out with next!

    Quote Originally Posted by mountainman View Post
    Hey Ed,

    As far as whether or not Trendnet is comparable to Linksys, the only opinion I can give is "not even close." Like I said, mine worked well...when it wasn't dropping the wireless connection, and the range on it was terrible, it wouldn't work in my bedroom, which is separated by only two walls and 30 feet from the livingroom where the router was located. I replaced it with a Belkin wireless G, which was also rather cheap, and after I managed to get it working with my wireless ISP (which Belkin tech support said it absolutely couldn't do since my ISP uses a public IP,) it's been going strong. Haven't had a single dropped connection, and I haven't found anywhere in my house that the signal won't reach.

    Check out the reviews on several different Trendnet routers on Newegg, the one I bought only had 12 reviews, and didn't seem that bad, but after I checked out their others with more reviews, a trend develops where people in general aren't happy with the quality.
    I checked some of the reviews on TRENDnet and got discouraged, I'll just wait on a good sale without MIRs on a Linksys, D-Link or Buffalo wireless router. Thanks again for you advice.
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