The purpose of this thread is to have a central place where we can keep a history of the upgrades we do to our gaming rigs. You can start with your current rig and track upgrades starting now or you can dig through your old receipts from the last year or two and start off with some history.

You could also optionally link your post here in your sig for quick reference for yourself and others.

The format of this thread will be similar to these other threads:

Fragging Frogs Sig Thread
Fragging Frogs Game List Thread

As such the basic rules are:
  • No discussion allowed in this thread
  • One post per person containing ONLY their hardware upgrade history
  • Edit your post as often as you like as you upgrade your rig
  • If you have a question or want to discuss this thread PM a Gaming moderator or start a new thread in the Gaming or Fragging Frogs forums.
  • You do NOT need to be a Fragging Frog to use this thread. All PCPER members are welcome to maintain a post here.

You are free to use whatever format you want. Just keep in mind that the idea is to track your rig upgrade history. It's not meant to just describe your rig. That's what the Fragging Frogs Sig Thread is primarily for.