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    Apr 2001

    INTEL Overclocking Questions Please help

    I have always had AMD stuff. Now I think I will go with a Intel E8400 and a Gigabyte P3S-D53L and Corsair PC6400 cl4. So I have some overclocking questions. I have limited experience with OC on the AMD side.

    1) Is the E8400 an unlocked chip - by that I mean, can you change both the frequency and the multiplier in the BIOS?

    2) My understanding was that oc'ing by changing the CPU Multiplier is easier and more successful generally, due to the fact that this would not impact the RAM and other things. Is this true? From what I read on the web, it appears they only oc this chip by changing the CPU Freq.

    3) Is it possible to overclock the E8400 by changing the CPU Multiplier and not changing the CPU Frequency? If so, I would think this might give better results if your RAM is limiting you.

    4) Has any OC'ed the E8400 using PC6400? I have Corsair PC6400 cl4 that I would like to use and hope it will work. I only intend to go somewhere between 3.5 and 3.8. I believe (depending on motherboard) I will need to up the RAM voltage, as this is 2.1V ram.

    Thanks for your input It sounds like this is a killer chip for a steal of a price.

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    Aug 2000

    Re: INTEL Overclocking Questions Please help

    Intel chips have multipliers which can change, but only downwards, and only within a certain range. This is essentially because it is needed in order for SpeedStep to work. Thus my E6600 has a set multiplier of 9, but can vary it down to 6. I can therefore select 6, 7, 8 or 9 in BIOS, but no other figure. The range varies from chip to chip, but it is always locked above the nominal value.

    This means that you can't use the multiplier to raise the CPU speed, only to get the same CPU speed at a faster bus speed.

    There's no reason not to use 6400 RAM, as the RAM speed makes little difference in overall performance.


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    Feb 2008

    Re: INTEL Overclocking Questions Please help


    I also changed over from AMD to Intel for the performance and overclocking potential.

    1) No the E8400 is a locked chip, only the Extreme edition's are unlocked. (From Intel)

    2) Yes it is however a extreme edition chip will cost several times the price of a E8400. Which leaves upping the FSB from 333. With my E8400 I am getting 3.6 with no extra voltage and so I shoulndt be shortening the life of the chip while if I push it to 4.0 gigs I have to rase the voltage to 1.4v. I prime95 tested it for 8 hours each.

    3) No, Only to underclock it unless you push up the fsb
    9 x 333 = 3.0 gigs
    8 x 333 = 2.6 gigs
    7 x 333 = 2.3 gigs
    6 x 333 = 2.0 gigs
    Or as my chip is currently running at
    9 x 400 = 3.6
    9 x 445 = 4.0
    Getting past the ram limiting it is possable to change the multiplier to the ram down to 2.0 rathe than whatever it is currently set at depending on your ram. So at 3 x 400 my ram is running at ddr2-800 stock ratios.

    4) There is little difference bettween very expencive ram and average ram. In fact it is hard to even test in a overall system performance graph. If your new motherboard supports the ram then use it. Only replace it with more later when you want more performance like upgrading to 4 gigs or something.

    Hope it helps.

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    Aug 2004

    Re: INTEL Overclocking Questions Please help

    Welcome to the forums David.

    "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."
    - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

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    Apr 2001

    Re: INTEL Overclocking Questions Please help

    Dave, Thanks for the clear answers. It helps. I should have my stuff for the build by the end of the week and hopefully this weekend I will start to OC and see what happens.
    Thanks Again

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