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    Oct 2001
    Brisbane Australia

    Welcome To All


    This is the home of The PC Perspective Folding Frogs,

    What do we do here ?

    We run scientific work units supplied by Stanford University who are researching "protein folding" in the quest for knowledge into several medical area's, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Cancer, to name a few,
    and to hopefully find a cure.

    How can I help ?

    The 2 "folding companion" threads have all the information you will need to get started,

    Browse around, make yourself comfortable, if there's something you can't find, or need help with, just ask,
    There will be a friendly Frog around to help you out.
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    Fold with what you have,
    Every Work Unit can make a difference.

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    Feb 2001
    near the sea-port of Antwerp, Belgium

    Re: Welcome To All


    Through the years, Folding@Home has really developed and you are now able to help the Project in many more ways than there used to be.

    You can still join with a single core processor and 'Fold' with a single-core Client (Windows, OSX and Linux).

    Later on, the multiprocessor systems have gained a specific Client, the SMP Client which uses all the cores of your CPU to do all calculations needed to finish a WU ( Work Unit ).
    ( for now, the max. number of cores per client is 4; a system with 8 cores should run 2 Clients simultaneously )
    There are Windows, OSX and Linux clients ( some 32-bit, most are 64-bit ! )
    CPU Clients are here:

    There are now even extra-large (SMP) Work Units for machines with 8 or more processor cores only /
    More on that here:
    It has a Specific forum too:

    Then they developed Folding for Graphics Cards; today we are at GPU2 (version 2) and now owners of ATI cards and nVIDIA cards both can join in.
    [ check info on which series of cards can do Folding@Home ]
    Downloads here:

    Another possibility is the PS3 (PlayStation3): it has software onboard to enable the owner to join the Project and start Folding right away !
    Download client (update) here: (bottom page)

    SPECIAL NOTE: always make sure to download F@H Client software ONLY from the Stanford website (see above links) for your system's safety and that of Folding@Home.
    There have been misuses of F@H in the past, through the use of hacked Clients !

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    Fold with what you have, Every Work Unit will make a difference.

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