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    Apr 2008

    Asus F3J

    Any and all traders trading in the PC Perspective / Amdmb Trading Post & Subforums are required to enable and make visible in your profile's designated email area for all to see, an email address that complies with the following rules. The types of valid email addresses are as follows. ISP provided, .edu and .mil addresses only. Generic POP forwarding accounts are prohibited. It is now a requirement for all traders who sell, buy, or trade in this forum to post an email address that complies with the above. Outlawed email accounts include but are not limited to Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, banditmail, hotpop, Tweak3D, mailspring, AIM and any other free email service. The use of an email address from personal domains is also not allowed. If you are unable to conform to this rule, please contact a Trading Moderator BEFORE posting to discuss/agree to other methods of validation that may be acceptable such as, but not limited to, a Verified PayPal account, Heat, post count minimums and/or other factors they feel relevant.

    Note: If we find a user creating a new thread/post without posting a valid email account in their profile, the thread/post will be closed or deleted at our own discretion.
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