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    Feb 2001
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    Re: Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron Final!

    Quote Originally Posted by MrNovi View Post
    Not a lot. There are a few games that run well in Linux, but for the most part gaming is a Windows experience.
    Check out Savage2. I downloaded the Linux bin file and all I can say os OMG... The graphics and game play on this game are awesome. The Linux binary DOES NOT play second chair to ANY GAMING SYSTEM.
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    Re: Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron Final!

    I'm playing around with a Hardy Heron Xubuntu distro right now on one of my laptops. Its definitely becoming my new fav Ubuntu clone I think.

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    Re: Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron Final!

    Quote Originally Posted by Meridian View Post

    but it does mean at the very least agreeing a common, simple method to install software that does not use the command line.

    well, my friend, it doesnt get much easier than ubuntu's add/remove for apps. i showed someone how to get new software with it, and this person knows very little of computers in general. all you do is check the little box and hit apply. easy enough?

    the other day i downloaded some things for windows because of a client, and it was far from fun. first i had to google for it. and if you dont know your way around the net, you could easily wind up on a less than reputable site. second, i had to wade through several pages of advertising and getting you to buy the "pro" version. then when i finally saw the download button, it took me to yet another website. a couple more pages of bull and i was actually downloading it. done yet? not quite. to make this story shorter, i hit "next" about 8 times and had to uncheck a bunch of extra garbage it wanted to install. actually, it makes me sick to my stomach to write about it. im done.

    i ask you again, what's easier, ubuntu or windows? i think you know the answer.
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