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Ok, there is currently no way to get the HD from your Comcast box into your HTPC. Hauppauge is coming out with a usb unit with component inputs, but that is still a month or so away. You will be limited to the "free" channels, such as ABC, Fox, etc. None of the encrypted channels will be available to you. You will need a tuner that is "QAM capable" to get those "free" HD channels from your comcast cable. And you will run your cable directly from the wall to the tuner card, not from the cable box. (you can use a splitter so you can still hook up the cable box),
I personally have the Avermedia 780 combo card, Hauppauge also has a couple of models. The Hauppauge will only work with it's own TV software, or a 3rd party program such as SageTV, BeyondTV, etc. There are also a few free programs out there, such as GBpvr which will work. The Avermedia will work with Vista Media Center, using special drivers.
For OS, Vista premium is your best bet. I am not wild about having to switch, but it is the way HTPC's are going, and you will find more and more hardware will only work properly under Vista.
There are no cards they have a co-ax input from a Comcast/Cox/TW/etc box?