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    Nov 2007

    Ballmer, Gates and their Microsoft Machine

    [Disclaimer: I've been feeling kind of creative and have thinking very critically due to taking my adderall dynamically and wisely. Like I said it makes my OCD worse, so bare with me. None of my threads are meant to stir people, so that applies to this insightful one as well.]

    Do you see microsoft as being arrogant?

    Do you think bill gates suffers from creativity problems and the lack of ability to create the best products possible and lack of ability to price well, and lack of ability to envision good things that he doesn't envision?

    I think all of the aforementioned apply to bill gates, although he's smarter than me.

    Anyway, haven't you noticed that windows was a carbon copy of macos and that Apple tried to sue ms? That indicates a lack of microsoft's creativity.

    just like microsoft didn't include fp16 rt hw filtering in the sm 3.0 spec. If it weren't for nvidia, I would have been mad. although they could have used trilinear filtering for fp16 rt's rather than bilinear.

    just like microsoft made their dx 10 spec weak, by not requiring fp16 and fp32 rts to be trilinear filtered instead of bilinear.

    they also haven't attempted to match opengl's basically perfect depth precision. look at open gl games with 24 bit depth buffers and you'll see that precision is pretty much equal far and near. look at dx10 games and all the fog they have and how things look awful and lose almost all detail far away. imagine opengl with an fp32 depth buffer. only opengl offers perfect depth perception, especially with an fp32 depth or "D" buffer used correctly. in open gl, the depth buffer is really effectively a z buffer and a w buffer, which is indicated by it being called a "ZW buffer" in openGL documents.

    look at crysis and how bad things look far away at the very highest settings. if it were in opengl it would run faster, and it wouldn't have ultra low distance detail.

    They aren't open to having per-pixel trilinear filtering done by the rop filter units. that would be not only be free, it would also be perfect, and trust me, if you think about it, it's possible. just like how the texture units each have a filtering unit of their own in the g92 architecture and 2 filtering units of their own in the g80 architecture. if nvidia cared about iq and truly cared about performance, then they would have made that application a very long time ago.

    Haven't you noticed that they're arrogant with the xbox360? Like charging 180 for a hard drive and forcing you to use their hdd, and saying hdmi (and also the 1.3 spec) won't make a difference?

    haven't you noticed they make much more than nvidia, yet they couldn't cut nvidia the exact deal they wanted?

    haven't you noticed that bill gates says things that are completely false (and he has to know it?) He said something like the x360 will eventually have the least defective units of the 3 consoles this generation? I know he's smart, but unless he's sure that asus will botch the rest of the ps3's they manufacture and sony wouldn't catch it (which they actually would, but you get the idea) I think that's as much of a lie as any lie.

    then, ballmer makes some crazy statements as well, if you don't believe me google "ballmer says said people were angry customers happy" or something like that. I don't know how to use google as well as anyone here and I'm sure of that.

    and no i don't really hate microsoft and i don't really hate nvidia, i just think they make some awful products too much of the time and don't put much effort into their unninnovative products and software and that they just make things that already existed and sometimes increases negative issues with existing products in their newer products and at best they get rid of serious issues that shouldn't have existed in the 1st place, like their af from the gf6/7. I don't have anything against them, but their creativity is "wholly inadequate and unnacceptable" as my professor would say about all of my work before the last few assignments of mine that he graded.
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    May 2002

    Re: Ballmer, Gates and their Microsoft Machine

    If MS spent as much time worrying about thier product, as they do worrying about who's pirating thier pirated software, MS would make some better products. The whole world runs on Microsoft, but if you don't care for it, there ARE alternatives if you care to write code to get it to work properly. ME? I love beating the snot out of OS betas, and sending back about 10,000 error reports. If MS was a little more generous with its beta testers, they would get a LOT more free labor from our miserly 5%(the diys) MS numbers,not mine. If you want to make money,join the robitics section of the population. It's where the big money is at. Make that robot run on YOUR software, not MS software.One kid up the block, turned his families old Ford Taurus into a computer controlled car, for just $1500 and 3 days work,from salvaged parts. TRADING RULEZ!! BIGDADDY51 I've joined the QUAD CROWD! ASUS M3A78 & a 9850

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