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    Dec 2003

    Is it just me, or do internet driving directions suck?

    I had to go to this place near Washington DC, and the directions were ridiculously messed up!

    What should have been this simple:

    Go south on MD 27 for, and then go South on I-270 for then exit onto I-495, and then exit onto VA-267 , and the turn onto Dulles corner bvld.
    Was about a 30 step hodge podge of crap which at times couldn't maintain the same reference to the same road where as it would call MD-27 "Ridge rd", and then call it "MD 27" and why should it need to reference it more than once when all I have to do is head south until I get on I270?
    And then It tells me to exit, and enter I-270 FOUR TIMES! when all I have to do is stay on I 270 until I get to I 495!
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    Oct 2006
    east coast

    Re: Is it just me, or do internet driving directions suck?

    DC in itself is just bad for driving directions, but yes I usually find that mapquest is not the way I would usually go.

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    Jul 2004

    Re: Is it just me, or do internet driving directions suck?

    try google maps. not the best but at least you can drag and drop the route to make it more to your liking. I find they all are awful. One of the reasons i'm hesitant to get a GPS. If they route the same It would be useless.
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    Dec 2001

    Re: Is it just me, or do internet driving directions suck?

    GPS is definitely great, the best. I used a Garmen eTrex Legend until I lost my drivers license.

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    Jan 2002
    Joliet, Illinois

    Re: Is it just me, or do internet driving directions suck?

    use google earth, find where you are, where you need to go and make your own directions.

    you haven't gotten bad directions until someone has attempted to draw you a map to a new jobsite.

    i'm happiest when they just give me an intersection and the town it's in, i'll figure out the rest thank you.
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    Feb 2003
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    Re: Is it just me, or do internet driving directions suck?

    What happened to a napkin or the torn lid from a cat food box and a pencil?

    I am way more observant when someone tells me to turn left at a MacDizzle then if I had to make a turn on Oak Street...... Even better, since moving to Canada I have found that if you play connect the Tim Hortons you can get anywhere...
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