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    Nov 2003

    FTC moves to "formal" investigation of Intel.

    Might be Intel is in even more legal trouble..
    SAN JOSE, Calif. - Escalating the world's largest computer chip maker's legal woes, the Federal Trade Commission has opened a formal probe into Intel Corp.'s sales tactics, a victory for its much smaller rival, Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

    Intel disclosed Friday that it has received a subpoena from the FTC for records about Intel's microprocessor sales, which dominate the world market with a roughly 80 percent share.

    The FTC's two-year investigation had been considered "informal" until that point, and Intel, which is already fighting antitrust charges in the European Union and was fined this week by antitrust regulators in South Korea, said it had been cooperating.

    The two companies have been fighting for years over what AMD claims is Intel's intimidation of computer makers into striking exclusive deals for the chips they use in their new machines.

    AMD claims the rebates and financial incentives Intel offers to those companies for buying more Intel chips are designed to prevent AMD from gaining market share and that Intel threatens those manufacturers that it will retaliate if they introduce models based on AMD's chips.

    AMD argues that Intel's volume discounts are sometimes so steep that AMD can't cut its own prices enough to compete without losing money on the sales.

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    Dec 2001

    Re: FTC moves to "formal" investigation of Intel.

    I believe that story 1000%

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