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    Dec 2003

    Visiting Independence Hall

    I'm going to Philly to see family this weekend, and I'm interested it touring Independence Hall.

    Has anyone here ever gone there?
    I just want to know how much it costs, and if the have tours on Sunday.

    As another election draws near; the G.O.P. are yet again filled with a stupid confidence that the they will win the White House. What they don't realize about people like Trump, Carson, and Cruz is that their rhetoric only resonates within an echo chamber, but not the American people. They live in an illusion of falsehood and distorted truth and only seek information and opinions that confirm these beliefs and instantly reject anything that contradicts them because only their opinions matter. Their notion of freedom is freedom for themselves and those alike to them, but not the rest of the country which has changed.
    These are the reasons why the G.O.P is set to lose in 2016. And when that happens, rest assured that they will have myriad of conspiracy theories blaming everyone and everything from the liberal media, to Oprah, to welfare moms, and pretty much everyone but their own disgusting selves.

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    Dec 2006
    Arlee, MT

    Re: Visiting Independence Hall

    I've been there many times, and I don't recall there being an admission price. I'm not sure about it being open on Sunday, but I think it is, since it's administrated by the same park rangers that we have out here in Yellowstone and Clacier. They're regular park service guards. Hopefully this isn't too late for your trip, but don't even try to park in the neighborhood, park along Broad Street and take the subway. The streets in the historic district don't allow for much parking at all, and if you take the subway you can get a full tour.

    Like I said, hopefully it's not too late, if it is, I hope you enjoyed it.

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    Jun 2003
    Arizona's White Mountains

    Re: Visiting Independence Hall

    Not too historical, but if you're in Philly try the tethered hot air baloon next to the Philly Zoo. Great view of the city and a bit of a thrill on a windy day.
    If more sane people were armed the crazy ones would get off fewer shots.

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