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    Jul 2003
    las vegas

    BIOSTAR TForce TP43D2A7

    anyone have any experience with this motherboard? would like to find out how well it performs and overclocks.
    intel q6600 @3.4
    abit ip35e bios 15
    thermalright ultra 120 exteme scythe 120mm fan
    4x1 crucial ballistix 1066mhz
    msi 8800gts g92 512mg
    windows xp pro sp2
    320g sata hard drive seagate
    20x liteon cd
    corsair tx750w
    thermaltake soprano 101 case 3 120mm fans

    intel e8400 @4.0 1.30 volts
    thermalright ultima 90
    2x1 crucial ballistix tracer @1068
    visontek radeon hd 3870 overclocked version
    windows xp pro sp2
    500G 32mg buffer sata drive
    20x philips cd
    corsair tx750
    antec 900 case

    intel qx9650
    evga 790i ulta sli
    2 x 2 ocs 1600mhz platnum
    vista ultimate sp1

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    Jul 2008

    Re: BIOSTAR TForce TP43D2A7

    Given the price of the board itself it's a relatively nice at overclocking the only areas of importance I see it lacking seems to be the rather limited vcore and fsb wall. FSB wall for me was 420FSB over that it won't post
    and vcore you have 5,10,15% adjustments 1.3V max vcore. It was good enough to overclock my E7200 to 3.6GHz @ 1.3v stable for daily usage and 3.7GHz also seems to be stable enough mostly like for daily usage as well, but ran a little to hot for me to feel comfortable using it for daily usage with stock cooling (kinda) swapped the stock E7200 hsf for stock E4300 hsf since it's bigger and has a copper center as well. If a future bios update added better vcore adjustments it would and could be a better overall overclocking easily. I can even boot into windows at 3.8GHz, but it's not stable enough to use.

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