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Thread: AV8 problem

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    Jun 2008

    Unhappy AV8 problem

    I've had my set up for a few years now and I've never run into any problems.

    Abit AV8
    AMD 3000 CPU
    nVidia 6800

    Recently the comp has been having issues when starting up.

    -When I'd do a restart it would shut down and then just flash a blank screen instead of rebooting (I had to pull the power and restart manually).

    -Next it'd have problems with a cold boot, the power would come on and everything would come to life but the mobo would hang on POST code 25 and I'd get a blank screen. (I'd turn the power on and off a few times and it'd start back up no problem)

    -Now it just hangs on the POST code and I get a blank screen.

    POST code 25 says
    "Early PCI Initialization
    -Enumerate PCI bus number.
    -Assign memory & I/O resource
    -Search for valid VGA device & VGA BIOS, and put it into C000:0"

    I've tried flashing the CMOS with no luck

    I'm afraid this might mean my vid chard is dieing/dead, any other adivce or suggestions. Unfortunately I don't have a 2nd card to swap out and test.

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    Feb 2003
    PA, USA

    Re: AV8 problem

    See if you can borrow a video card from a friend for a quick test. Also,
    the power supply may be on it's last legs and can't supply enough power
    to everything you have installed. You can try unplugging the power leads
    to any optical drives (CD, DVD) and hard drives. The idea is to see if you can get past the error to where the unit will try to boot to windows but wont find a hard drive.

    Sure sounds like your video card is bad though. If the power supply can't
    power up your 6800, you may get this type of error, even though the video
    card itself is OK.
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    Sep 2004

    Re: AV8 problem

    If your parts check out ok... maybe try a new mb cmos battery.

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    May 2004
    third stone from the Sun

    Re: AV8 problem

    Good idea to check CMOS battery, can cause all sorts of issues. Check the motherboard closely for bad capacitors, leaking or bulged. What brand and what output is the power supply ? You need to troubleshoot several items really, but do not give up. The motherboard may be fine.

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