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    Most camera makers are actually converging their data transfer standards to allow Windows to download pics without drivers. This has made it easy for Linux to take this standard and incorporate it allowing most new cameras to work right off the hop.

    But if you are a Windows user with that brand new camera, you'll still see instructions that tell you to install the drivers before plugging in your camera. This is to allow more advanced functions like remote control, automatic date/time settings, installation of owner information onto the camera. These aren't really necessary for most people, and honestly I see this confusing them. These programs are too complex, and the software for each camera they get the software is different...even from the same manufacturer. This means they have to learn more then one program.

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    Re: Ubuntu

    Quote Originally Posted by Meridian View Post
    Noticed it with my Canon, although I can't remember which distro it was (not Ubuntu though). Windows requires a special program if I plug the camera in directly, as opposed to reading the CF card directly. Linux just wanted to know what kind of device it was. Once I'd confirmed it was a Canon camera it was happy to load the pictures.

    on the canon s5IS, the instructions are plastered with warnings to install the software (for windows) before plugging in the camera). I don't know who to be annoyed with: canon with their bloatware or windows. Yes, some of those photo album and editing tools are nice but the alternatives are not well known: picassa, gimp, UBUNTU!
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