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    Oct 2006
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    Re: And I Thought "Nigerian" Scames Were Just A Joke

    Quote Originally Posted by Computerwiz View Post
    There are much funner goals then that.

    nice link, I've emailed them back a few times, one emailed me several times trying to convince me he was legit. I may try again if I'm bored sometime.

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    Jul 2004

    Re: And I Thought "Nigerian" Scames Were Just A Joke

    Here's a new twist Olympic scam to recieve kickbacks from construction companies

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am Yin Chen Executive Director-Projects, of the China 2008 OLYMPIC STADIUM/VENUES CONSTRUCTION BOARD.

    I decided to forward to you this business proposal in anticipation that you may be in position to assist/handle this business with me.

    I want YOU to assist me in receiving Money in the form of CHECKS issued in your NAME Or COMPANY NAME.

    These bills have being approved for payment by the concerned department.

    The construction contracts have being executed, commissioned and the contractors have been paid their actual contract sums. What you are about to receive now on my behalf is a kick back/tip from the contractors and under the protocol division as Government workers, I am are not allowed to operate or own foreign accounts, and that is precisely, why I need your assistance to receive this check on my behalf, because I cannot own or operate a foreign account..

    On my own part, all modalities have being worked out in ensuring a smooth transaction. All I need from you is your mailing address; your telephone numbers and the (your) name or company name that you want the payment checks to be issued on.

    As soon as you indicate your interest by sending to me the above requirements, I will instruct the contractors to issue the check in your name or company name and they will mail the check to you. On accomplishment of this deal you will be entitled to 10% of any sum that pass through you to me.


    Yin Chen.
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    Jan 2001

    Re: And I Thought "Nigerian" Scames Were Just A Joke

    Yahoo email accounts in Hong Kong is instant epic business cred.

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