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    May 2004
    Madison, WI

    Question Processor voltage vs. CPU Over-voltage settings

    I have a new Biostar 750a board (Tpower with AMI Bios) and with this board I have noticed for the first time that there are two processor voltage related settings, Processor voltage, and CPU over-voltage.

    I have been unable to find a good explanation in the manual or online, but am thinking that they work something like this:

    Processor voltage sets nominal voltage, and CPUover-voltage sets a differential to account for vdroop under heavy load?

    1. am I on the right track?

    2.When over clocking is it best to first try a bump on processor voltage, or CPU over-voltage? or do they both need to be adjusted together.

    In my simple experiments I found that while a 15.5x multiplier (3100) failed to pass prime 95 on auto, startup settings, setting CPU over-voltage to the lowest setting above startup (.05+) seemed to work.
    Biostar T-Power 750a with Hybrid Space-pipe, X4 955BE (Oc'd to 3600, 1.35 volts-),OCZ Vendetta & AS5, 4x OCZ Reaper 2048 PC8500, 5-5-5-18 2T,
    2xEVGA GTX460 768 (720) SLI, OCZ Agility2 60 Gig SSD, WD 750Gig SATA Caviar Blk, Antec 900, Antec TPQ 850. WIn 7 Pro 64bit

    Biostar Tforce4 U, AMD FX55(OC'd to 2800, stock volts), Stock HSF & AS5, 2xTWINX1024 C2PT Corsair XMS 2.5-3-3-8,
    BFG 8800gT, 74Gig Raptor SATA, 160 Gig Hitatchi SATA
    Asus 1608p 2S 16x DVW RW+/-, Moded Antec P160, Antec NeopowerHE 500, WIN 7 Home SP1 31bit
    Gigabyte 785, X3 715 (3000 x 1.35v) 2420 Xigmatex 964, 2x2048 Corsair XMS PC800,
    WD 160 Gig SATA, 2x512 PDI 3200 LL, 2.5-3-3-8 T1, Mad Dog 52x DVD/CDRW, BFG 8800GT.
    Heavily Modified Coolmaster Wavemaster w/ Corsair HX620 PSU, WIN 7 Home 64bit SP1

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    Jun 2003
    Fire Island, NY

    Re: Processor voltage vs. CPU Over-voltage settings

    I don't have mine setup right now to look at, but usually 1 is to change the CPU VID and the other to increase the Vcore above the CPU VID. They both kind of do the same thing, but in different ways...

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