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    Mar 2002
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    Need Graphic Card Advise

    Hey all. I have been out of the loop for some time and need help with a graphics card purchase.

    My system is on the low end but with room for expansion. Please note, the system is not built yet
    AMD 2.2ghz Single Core AM2
    Biostar GF8200 M2+ motherboard (on board graphics & SLI - see question below)
    Kingston 2GB DDR2
    Antec Earthwatt 380watt PSU (per this thread I think this could be good for this setup so far)
    Dell 19" widescreen LCD
    Windows XP

    The games I play are (old school drum roll):
    Quake 2/3/4
    Jedi Knight 2/3
    UT, 2k3,2k4
    Jade Empire

    Other graphic related work:
    Blender (3D)

    Ok with that being said, what is a good graphics card for my system in the $60-100 region? I would like to stay with nVidia since my motherboard is nVidia (it has Hybrid SLI - what is that?). Also with my PSU should I go with something that doesn't need to be powered by the PSU? Is it better to be powered by the PSU?

    I was looking at the following types:

    8600GT - doesn't need to be powered by the PSU

    8600GTS - not sure my PSU can handle this

    9500GT - doesn't need to be powered by the PSU

    Any other options?
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    Nov 2005
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    May 2005

    Re: Need Graphic Card Advise

    I'd stay away from any 8600 serie card, unles you can find them really cheap (I saw them for as low a $30 after rebate on (they sold out pretty fast tho)

    under $100 the 9600gt is a good choice (or 9600gso too but I think this one is more power hundry as its a 8800gs)

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