well after very little debating and even less self control (as is typical with my high dollar purchases) i pulled the trigger on the speakers from a guy on ebay.

i best offered him 300, to which he came back with a 335 and promised to ship the tomorrow, to which i offered to pay the 335 if he would change the buy it now price to 335. he did and i bought them

why have him change his buy it now price? why or the 30% ms cash back! saved 100 bucks with cash back. i have a good deal of cash back coming around christmas time now from 2 other purchases i made recently.

all in all i'm petty hapy with he end price, just hope they're as good as everyone says, i'm about 98% sure i'll be pleased though, i'm not a huge audiophile, and these speakers have gotten nothin but praise for the price/performance.

now i guess i gotta buy speaker wire, any suggestions? i highly doubt these speakers come with any, though i could be wrong, this is y first real set of speakers.

anyone have sugestions on speaker wire?