I vaguely asked this question in tech talk, I can't seem to get it still. I figured out how to kind of raise my mem freq to 530 from 333 by changing my cpu freq and multi. I can't get above that or PC will either not start, or the Windows will blue screen. The multi is 10 and 270 for freq, and its still at same cpu speed but at least ram is slightly quicker. I have 8500 OCZ 2048 =/ I feel jipped, I had no clue that you needed something like a quad core to take advantage of that. I guess it doesnt' make too big of deal as the ram was only 50 bucks after mail in when I worked at tiger direct.

Question is, how high can I go with the Memory and the CPU without having to worry about the computer dying. I have tried trial and error but its time consuming when I have to keep resetting with CMOS/BIOS and going back and editing my HD and stuff to get to boot again.

I was hoping someone could kindly slowly explain it to my slow brain up there lol.