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    Jul 2004

    Any Service Tweak For VISTA


    I just installed VISTA Ultimate on my PC below I got a student voucher from my college and it was going cheap unfortunatly it was a older version not the new SP1 embedded OEM.

    Anyways I installed it registored and downloaded all the updates inc SP1 and I am suprised that it runs very well. I have all the up-to-date drivers and I can transfer anything so far from USB devices (long story), Anyways looking at task manager memory at start-up is massvie like 600mb I udnerstand it's supposed to keep used programs into memory for quick access.

    I am trying to find 2x 2GB PC3200 memory but you can't find any in the UK DDR is on the verge of dying out now well that sort of size anyways. Can any VISTA user recommend any tweaks for unused services there is the blackviper guide and I have followed just a couple like Remote Registry, ICS and a few others.

    I dont' have a network I have a router with which my PC, My brothers and my PS3 connect to individually. I have AVG 8 F.E and Zone Alarm F.E running along with Spyware Blaster and Spybot for coverage in security. Just think memory usage is high dosn't give me enough room for games etc unlike my XP SP3 which only uses 200mb at start-up adverage 280mb.
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    Mar 2001
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    Re: Any Service Tweak For VISTA

    turn off superfetch, readyboost and indexing service. but the first two should release memory when needed by other applications like games.

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    Jun 2001

    Re: Any Service Tweak For VISTA

    Some good tips at this link.

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    Jan 2002
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    Re: Any Service Tweak For VISTA

    like zirik said, superfetch is going to use the most memory so turning it off will free up the most amount. i wouldn't bother disabling any other services, it really doesn't make that much of a difference in the grand scheme of things, and potentially can cause more frustration than peace of mind.

    however you may find your most commonly used apps will start up slower with superfetch disabled. also like zirik mentioned, superfetch gives up memory to apps that need it, so really you should be fine. unless the system is running slowly i wouldn't recommend disabling superfetch or indexing. readyboost should only apply if you're actully using a usb drive for readyboost or have a robson.

    if you get any warnings about being low on system resources while using memory intensive apps like games, i recommend adding a GB or two to your pagefile, 3-4gb i found to keep those warnings supressed. it will not affect your performance for those apps anymore than the lower sized pagefile, the pagefile is really just taking the stuff from superfetch and allowing the app that needs the memory to use your ram, so adjusting the size of the pagefile is just to shut windows up. this should only be neccesary though if you've changed the default pagefile settings i believe. i wanna say windows uses an adjustable pagefile by default, i always change mine to a static size to avoid fragmenting.

    as for indexing, it should only be bothersome at all the first time or two you start up while it gathers info about the areas it's set to index. then it's impact should be minimal from there on out. i personally have found indexing to be very helpfull in finding apps and files quickly from the start menu alone.
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