Hey, been outta the loop for aw hile now, and im in want of a laptop. looking for a trade, but may have to part the system out and sell it piece by piece. here's what i got, and my thoughts on the prices. LMK what you think

E6550 core2duo--100$

asus p5k-e mobo--75$

2X1gb of g.skill ddr2 6400---$25-30ish?

X1900XT video card, 512MB edition, (connect 3d 3056)--$75

The cooling on the CPU is interesting. Right now, i have a zalman 9700cnps on there, but the fan broke a while ago. There is a fan on the rear of the case, so i am using the fan on the back of the case to draw air through the heatsink, and it works quite well, and very quiet.--prolly included with the CPU, yea?

I also have a TV tuner card in there, some happuage thing. Just the card would be included, no drivers or remote--$30-40ish?

PSU in there is an antec smart power 450WATT, but could throw in a seasonic 430 WATT psu instead.--save with case..N/A

I have a couple hard drives i could throw in as well, a 320GB IDE maxtor drive, or a 200gb SATA drive, or even a 400GB sata drive.-- 40 for 200gb 50 for 320, and 50 for 400gb?

CD-DVD burner, and a 5:1 media card reader thing-a-ma-bobber--save with case..N/A