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    Aug 2002
    Yermo, CA, USA

    Well now I've gotten infected and It's very painful in the bathroom....

    UB gets a problem with His back and then I find out I have a prostate infection(I went to the doctor and saw Dr Timbo) and My insurance (IEHP)won't cover any medications for It or the toe nail fungus, Medi-Cal would have, So just for the Antibiotics I may have to spend about $63.00 on the pills alone and the cream I don't know, My plans are going down in flames....

    Of course I may be able to get surgery(adominoplasty) from IEHP, Just no help on the prescriptions....

    So when I go to pee It gets very painful......

    So UB You've got some company, My pain is just momentary.... But intense...
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    May 2007

    Re: Well now I've gotten infected and It's very painful in the bathroom....

    I had an idea last night for a way you might be able to earn some extra money with very little extra effort. You write a lot of stories here and I'm guessing that you do in other forums too. The idea is simple but it could work. Tripod will let you setup a website or blog for free. This is supported by advertising so it costs you nothing. They also have a special deal where you can setup a link to Amazon that will earn you money everytime that someone goes there from your site (blog) and buys something.

    So what do you put in your blog? All the interesting stuff that you normaly post in the forums like house hunting, budgets, wishlists, etc. You could put your URL for this blog in your signatures for forums and in your profiles for projects.

    The key to sucess here is getting people to your blog. Now your thinking , why would anyone go to my blog if I'm posting all this stuff in the forums? You would only post teasers in the forums. Something like "I've got an infection, blog updated today,click here to see". That way those of us that are interested just click and we're there. The more people you can get there, the more money you can possibly make.Just some thoughts I had.

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    Jul 2001

    Re: Well now I've gotten infected and It's very painful in the bathroom....

    I knew a guy who lived near Heathrow Airport in London and set up a public wireless hotspot and called it "Heathrow Airport Wireless Hotspot". He set up a portal with loads of click through advertising and makes a small fortune from people using it thinking it's an official wireless hotspot

    Like Big Red said - it's all about traffic... a percentage will click on ads and that earns you $cash

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