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    Gforce 8200 M2+ Memory issues

    Long time no post...

    I have a new build that is about 6 months old using the Biostar 8200 M2+, 2GB (2x1GB) Kingston PC2-800 memory (can handle up to 16GB of memory), Antec 500 Earth Watt PSU, Nvidia 9600GSO VGA card. I wanted to upgrade to 4GB of the Kingston memory. New memory would not allow the system to POST (fans, no beep, no video). Tried with and without the old memory. The system will not work with more 2 sticks installed.

    What else can I try to get this working?


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    Re: Gforce 8200 M2+ Memory issues

    Is your memory voltage set correctly in your BIOS? Did you increase your northbridge voltage a notch up?

    Is your exact memory listed here?

    Did you use the kingston memory configurator on their website?

    There are some stick that simply won't work in a four stick configuration. I know Asus shows what sticks will work in a 2 stick only configuration.

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