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    May 2001
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    Knopfler and Taylor "Sailing to Philadelphia"

    Cathartic and ...thought provoking....

    It's all the rage on the conservative blogs (Hugh Hewitt et al).
    (Hewitt sees a growing tide, a grassroots explosion.. in the search for prima facia evidence as to what the early settlers envisioned - as they looked to the West for the promise of freedom/liberty...)

    I am intrigued by the fact that James Taylor sings the part of the liberal dreamer - Mason, who fears the freedom and liberty to be found in America: "the West will kill us both". Conversely, Knopfler, the realist, (and himself a Scot btw) gets it right in the end: "another day and it will be clear, why your star should draw us here".

    ...such a subtle message, which is why I missed it in 2000 when the song came out.....methinks IMUS played it before he got blackballed??

    FRom Wikipedia:

    >>>"The song is written in an autobiographical style, and is the story of Jeremiah Dixon and Charlie Mason, a "Geordie boy" and an astronomer, respectively, who sailed to America from the UK. Per the song, Dixon (Mark Knopfler) has predicted that there is the "land of opportunity" to the west, which Mason (James Taylor), the "stargazer" does not believe. Towards the end of the song, the lyrics suggest that Dixon was correct.<<<

    "Forgive everyone for everything"

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    Aug 2001

    Re: Knopfler and Taylor "Sailing to Philadelphia"

    Musical interludes always welcome.
    I cant recall Imus playing the tune but maybe...all I associate with
    Imus is American Dream by CSNY. I wouldnt have picked up on the history reference either.
    But I still remember this

    The animated short film "Southern Fried Rabbit" (released May 2, 1953) features Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam and takes place on the Mason-Dixon Line — literally, on it. The cartoon depicts the north as being barren and empty, while the south is lush and green.

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    Dec 2002
    Blaine, WA

    Re: Knopfler and Taylor "Sailing to Philadelphia"

    I love that track...
    I am jeremiah dixon
    I am a geordie boy
    A glass of wine with you, sir
    And the ladies Ill enjoy
    All durham and northumberland
    Is measured up by my own hand
    It was my fate from birth
    To make my mark upon the earth...

    He calls me charlie mason
    A stargazer am i
    It seems that I was born
    To chart the evening sky
    Theyd cut me out for baking bread
    But I had other dreams instead
    This bakers boy from the west country
    Would join the royal society...

    We are sailing to philadelphia
    A world away from the coaly tyne
    Sailing to philadelphia
    To draw the line
    A mason-dixon line

    Now youre a good surveyor, dixon
    But I swear youll make me mad
    The west will kill us both
    You gullible geordie lad
    You talk of liberty
    How can america be free
    A geordie and a bakers boy
    In the forests of the iroquois...

    Now hold your head up, mason
    See america lies there
    The morning tide has raised
    The capes of delaware
    Come up and feel the sun
    A new morning has begun
    Another day will make it clear
    Why your stars should guide us here...

    We are sailing to philadelphia
    A world away from the coaly tyne
    Sailing to philadelphia
    To draw the line
    A mason-dixon line

    Probably one of my favorite tracks, about a season of CART auto racing:
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