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    If CPU fan NOT plugged in to motherboard???M3N78

    If the CPU fan is not plugged in to the "CPU_" header on the motherboard, will that prevent machine from posting? I have a machine I built for a friend and shipped out to him which worked fine before i shipped it. He sent a picture and it looks like the CPU fan (retail AMD CPU) connector has been pulled off the motherbopard header...The machine starts up, spins fans, drives etc for a second or twn then shuts off. I didnt think BIOS would prevent startup if no CPU fan (hope I'm wrong)
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    Re: If CPU fan NOT plugged in to motherboard???M3N78

    Is there a way you can post the picture?

    Did you ask your friend to make sure the heatsink is firmly in place over the CPU as it should be?

    Although I haven't experienced it, a motherboard BIOS might do just that if it doesn't detect a fan plugged into the CPU fan header.

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    Re: If CPU fan NOT plugged in to motherboard???M3N78

    If the CPU fan is unplugged he should be getting an Fan error on bootup.
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    Resolved Re: If CPU fan NOT plugged in to motherboard???

    Wow, I'm stumped, the CPU fan was plugged in, and it does turn on briefly when the power switch is depressed. So it wasnt the cpu fan causing problem. He reports that yes the cpu/fan assembly is firmly attached.

    This is a Lian Li case, and it turns out that the actual power on switch was popped out of it's white plastic housing due to what appears to be extremely rough handling by the idiots at UPS. The symptoms are as follows:

    Pressing the power switch the machine starts, LEDS light up fans and drives start to spin, then within 1/2 to 1 second it turns off.

    Over the phone just now I had him scrape the insulation off the two wires that go to the power switch and tape them together. The machine started a loop of starting for a sec, then switching off.

    I then told hime to hold the reset button down contiuously and then hit the power switch. This caused the machine to stay on (all fans and drives spinning and HDD/pwr LEDS came on as long as he held the reset button down.

    I have never been really clear on how the ATX standard power switch operates, is it a momentary switch? single pole/single throw? or what?

    Anyone hazard a guess as to most likely component failure here?

    Machine specs:

    Lian Li pc 7B
    Asus M3N- HT deluxe (thread title mistaken, can't edit title )
    Enermax EMD 625
    AMD 920 2.8 (stock timings, no OC attempted)
    WD Raptor 300 Main drive
    EVGA 260 X 2 in SLI
    Seagate 1TB Barracuda
    2Gig X 2 TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF R (Corsair)
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