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    Jun 2003

    A frogs fallen Mother :(

    Its with a real heavy heart tonight that I post this posting. As some of you old timers know my Mom has been fighting cancer for the past 3 and half years. The fight has finally come to the last battle and unfortunately this time the cancer wins

    Shes still with us mentally but physically her body has just finally given out. First it was the breast cancer. Then it was the liver. Finally it was the brain that did its number.

    In the past two months we have been in and out of hospitals and I think with all these surgeries it was just too much. This time around they couldn't do too much for her any more and we chose to bring her to a hospice house. They have been so great to us. I know shes peaceful and comfortable right now. Thats very wonderful for us.

    I honestly had stopped aggressively folding quite a while back. I've been thinking of you guys. Brad's XXX PMs, translating Dangish, Noormans wise words, various races amongst guys around here, etc.... have been dearly missed.

    I appreciate all the love and support you guys had shown my family and I throughout the past few years. My Mom was so loved from so many sources all over its so awesome. Even from halfway across the world it meant so much to her to know guys really cared.

    The folding project didn't find the critical information needed for my Mom. It may still someday find it for someone else. I enjoyed the time I folded and might start to do so again. I hope you guys are still going at it and folding away.

    Thanks again so very much from the bottom of my heart. I wish I had better news to share to bring me back to the PCPER family.

    Jeremy Wills
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