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    Nov 2003

    Let's talk California

    OK..The biggest economy in the union is broke. The Gov tried to get
    some props passed Tuesday, those failed as any who had a lick of
    sense knew they would. The Feds are telling Ca, forget it. No
    dough. Now the Gov is talking about selling landmarks. Ok. What
    went wrong ? I'm putting it on the Dems, the Unions, and the
    way the the majority party in Sac kept and keeps spending money
    we don't have on . Now's there's talk of cutting welfare programs,
    health care for kids, collage grant help, etc. Ck it out.

    I have no probs with this. Why ? Simple. Why should I and others who
    are out there busting their ass's to make a dime support those who
    don't even try to play the game right ?

    Being a two-bit school bus driver, all the time I hear from other
    drivers " We need 15 to 40 breakfasts'" for kids when we get to
    whatever school ! When did the school system turn into a
    cafeteria ? My ex moved out here to Ca after she messed up
    her back in Ok, because this state gives out of the generous
    beni's. I'm flat tired of supporting illegals as well all who have
    ever wasted time reading my posts on the matter know..

    So how do we, the working stiffs, fix Ca ?

    One inquring mind wants to hear suggestion, etc.

    Oh by the way, for those out here in Ca, watch out for a bill
    from a Dem that would require SMOG TESTS EVERY YEAR !

    AB 859 is the bill number. From some clown named Cook.

    If the MODS feel this should go to the Economic thread, I hear ya.
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