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    Nov 2003

    Re: Let's talk California

    So what's the fix ? Why more taxes of course, and this is just the
    start. >
    Reporting from Sacramento -- Setting up a contentious partisan showdown, a legislative budget panel approved plans Tuesday to boost oil and tobacco taxes, slash money for schools, eliminate the high school exit exam and reduce the budget for state prisons.

    But in completing a budget blueprint to put before the full Legislature next week, the committee pulled back from some of the deepest cuts proposed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to tame California's $24.3-billion deficit.

    This should be heartening.
    The panel voted to cut $4.5 billion from public schools, giving districts the option of shortening the school year by five days, rather than the governor's proposed 7 1/2 days, to absorb the loss.

    Districts may retain the traditional 180-day school year if they want to cut in other ways. Regardless, California would have one of the shortest school years in the nation.
    Below is a paper a member over at another site found on his
    lawn. The person who did this was from Anaheim..

    Now cutting school budgets could be done and should be
    in many cases, but when you see the results of what kids
    are doing in school today, not all of course, but some, it
    has to give ya the shivers..Just what IS being taught in
    schools and why do I get the feelin' the example below
    will end up knocked up at 16 or 17, becoming another
    payee on Ca's infamous welfare roles..?

    Oh, boy...
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