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    Jun 2009

    Removing Inactive Accounts

    This might just be a personal quarks but I hate having to put garbage digits on the end of a username. By removing inactive accounts (5 years?) we can have more useful usernames rather than random alphanumeric names of users who are too frustrated to figure out what common words have not already been taken.

    Take for instance the user "Shambles" who registered back in 2001, posted 15 times and disappeared forever. It's not the struggle that trying to register a hotmail address is but still something I notice. If I'm just being anal feel free to ignore me

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    Aug 2001

    Re: Removing Inactive Accounts

    I understand your points. And weve hd the conversation beforeabout pruning "inactive usernames" we reasoned: We do indeed have a lot of members here who may not post but indeed show up and read. On another score it seems self defeating from a marketing point of view. Smaller userbase isnt going to thrill our advertisers any.
    So we opted to simply leave the issue alone.

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