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    Jul 2004

    Steam/Origin/Battlelog/Xfire user name thread

    This thread contains our Steam, Origin and Xfire user names so we can easily look others up to send friends requests.

    Post your user names here and we'll keep the list up to date.

    Steam User Names are in this first post just below.
    Origin/Battlelog User Names are in post #2.
    Battlenet & Xfire User Names are in post #3.
    Bad Company 2 user names can be found in this locked thread.

    Steam User Names
    Note that we also have a Fragging Frogs Group on Steam.
    PCPer Name              Steam Account Name      Steam Screen Name
    Lenny                   fflenny                 [FF]Lenny                           
    mmettin                 mmettin                 [FF] Matt                           
    Zetachi                 zetachizeta             [FF]Zetachi                         
    Activate: AMD           OHenn                   OwaN
    <RuReady>               Killz66                 Richard Cranium                     
    Bearded Frog            tbfrog                  Bearded Frog                        
    bovinethrower           bovinethrower           VulpineBovine      
    Brandito                SuBX3r0                 [FF]Brandito
    Californicated          ?                       Hobo with a Shotgun
    ChosenofTHor            ChosenofTHor            ChosenofTHor
    Clapptrap               ThisIsClappTrap         ThisIsClappTrap
    Cobra_nVidia            Cobra nVidia            Cobra nVidia
    Compra                  Compra                  Compra
    Cr1ms0ngh0st            Cr1msongh0st            Cr1msongh0st
    delos23                 Delos23                 TG Delos23
    DeMedici                demedicijt              DeMedici
    drkCrix                 drkCrix                 drkCrix                    
    eastbayrae              eastbayrae              eastbayrae
    Evc                     DWFanatic               Evc
    Falcon64z8              Falcon64z8              Falcon64z8
    Footman                 Neutronman              Neutronman
    Gator650                Gator                   Gator                               
    GeForceFX               Geforce_1991            消えたい、消えない、消えたい。。。                   
    grimmster               dgrimmster              dgrimmster                          
    Hunter4u                Hunter4u                shooter                             
    Invictus                Invictus180             Merk Session
    iWalkingCorpse          iWalkingCorpse          iWalkingCorpse
    JackmanofVancouverBC    JackmanofVancouverBC    JackmanofVancouverBC-Win764+SS
    jruicker                jruicker                jruicker  
    kbohip                  Taffer72                Taffer72
    Keven                   Kschram                 KevinWI
    Krychek57               krychek57               krychek57      
    LazarusIV               LazarusIV               LazarusIV
    leroy329                [FF]leroy329            [FF]leroy329   
    ManuelG                 pidge2k                 pidge2k
    Maxius                  mAxius                  mAxius
    Metwinge                BFI^Metwinge            BFI^Metwinge
    molestedbyasus          ??                      molestedbyasus                      
    monkeysauce             ??                      misterfancy
    Mr Bungles              Mr Bungles              Mr Bungles
    mulberrycrush           mulberrycrush           mulberrycrush
    Old82                   Metreonfuture           Metreonfuture                       
    NocturneKittie          NocturneKittie          NocturneKittie 
    radtaz                  Radtaz2002              radtaz
    rhraziel                rhraziel                rhraziel
    shazam                  shazam                  shazam                              
    Sinful Malice           ??                      Sinful Malice                       
    Spankin Partier         PartierSP               spankinpartier                      
    SRV Blues King          lukefittall             deathlock1984                       
    StillFunkyB             StillFunkyB             [FF]StillFunkyB
    stratus9000             stratus9000             stratus9000      
    T1125P                  T1125P                  HAV1K                               
    tjdehya                 tjdehya                 [FF]TJ-dehya
    user not found          404_usernotfound        Hans
    wcarthurii              Neoomega915             wcarthurii
    xRapture                xRapture                xRapture
    Zero3606                Zero3606                Zero3606
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