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    Jul 2001

    GeForce 3 Coolong

    Hi everyone,

    I need your opinion and expertise on GF3 card Cooling.

    Is it true that stock HSF is allright (I am using VisionTek's GF3)
    Or there some good experience andresults with custom cooling on GF3 boards?


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    Jul 2001
    I have the same Visiontek Geforce3, I used the stock fan for about a day. Then I changed it out for a blue orb. I got slightly better results using the blue orb. Last weekend I changed everything over to watercooling and peltiers, So now I watercool my Geforce3. I had to swap out my geforce3 due to some defects, so the one I have now has only been used for a day or so. It's still in the burn in phase. Just for kicks i bumped the core freq. up to 225 and the memory up to 500 and it ran with ease. The card barely gets hot with watercooling, so I'm sure I will get it much higher in a few days.
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    Jun 2001
    my prophet 3 ran at 218 525 stock and i took off the blue orb (its a baby) put on a real one and lapped both the blue orb and the gpu and put some silver between i get 240 100% stable and i plan on going a little higher but not gonna run it like this for a few days cause todays kinda cool and i want to see what happens when my ambient case temps go UP
    i have a post i just made if you wanna check it out

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    Jul 2001

    GF3 Cooling

    Thanks for your postings, I am also planing on putting BlueOrb on my VisionTek GF3 (watercooling is not for me, at least yet).

    Please, post results on the most stable speed with each
    Stock HSF
    Blue Orb HSF


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