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    Jan 2004

    Basic-ish build for coworker

    Hey Guys,

    At the behest of a coworker I am putting together a computer for him. I hate doing this anymore because you wind up being tech support for them forever! He doesn't need much but I put together some components I feel comfortable with.

    Here is the link.

    My main concerns have to do with the motherboard. I have heard mixed reviews. I am also wondering if the videocard I picked will do crossfire with the onboard video. Just to be sure (since I have only built Intel systems of late) the AM3 platform uses DDR3, right?

    Please point out anything I may forgotten as well.

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    Feb 2003

    Re: Basic-ish build for coworker

    the only thing i see is the vid card won't work with hybrid crossfire but probably better than one that would.

    Amd 785g hybrid crossfire


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