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    Jan 2004

    Linux and multiple GPU's

    I am building my LinuxMCE system. I have just a Nvidia 8400GS for it's head since the core won't be doing anything down in the basement other than being a core. I have an extra 8800GT sitting around and I want to throw it in there and run BOINC. LinuxMCE is based on Kubuntu.

    I know the last time I tried multiple GPU's with Windows I had to be using at least one of the display ports on the second (non SLI) GPU for Boinc to use it. Is Linux BOINC the same way? Can I just throw it in and boot it up. Run BOINC and have everything work? Somehow I doubt it. That has never been the case with anything I have done in Linux to date.

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    May 2007

    Re: Linux and multiple GPU's

    I don't know about Linux but it's a myth about multiple GPUs needing to be connected in order to crunch in Windows. I have 1 machine that has 3 gtx260s in it and only one is connected to a monitor and believe me it crunches just fine. On the other hand, I wonder if it is because I'm not using a SLI board. One of the easiest solutions I've heard is to simply use a KVM switch connected to the two cards.

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