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    Aug 2004

    SSD Page File Settings in Vista

    Which option would result in faster performance on a SSD drive...

    1-Set a fixed page file size?

    2-Start off the page file very small or zero and let it grow as needed?

    Option 1 would suffer a performance hit because the SSD would have to issue the erase command each time it wanted to overwrite data in the file.

    Option 2 would suffer because the file would have to be expanded each time the data needed more room.

    If the drive (Vertex) was kept clean with the TRIM/garbage collection function then there would be no erasing involved with areas that the file expanded into.

    So which function is faster?
    Erasing blocks to be overwritten inside a fixed page file or a dynamic page file resizing into clean blocks?
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    Dec 2001

    Re: SSD Page File Settings in Vista

    Set up the page file for a fixed size of about 1.5 times the amount of memory installed, and let windoze handle it from there.

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