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    Jan 2002
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    Motherboard forum consolidation

    The majority of the motherboard sub-forums seem to get minimal traffic aside from maybe a couple.

    how bout if they were consolidated? possibly into an AMD Motherboards and Intel Motherboards division.

    when a new popular motherboard comes out a single thread could be created and all questions and discussion pertaining to said motherboard would reside in that one thread. making it easier to search for already answered questions. also allowing people familiar with that board who actively help and answer questions, as well as people new to the board wanting to keep up with discussion, a single thread to subscribe to.

    this is how i've seen a few other forums handle motherboards as well as other things, and it really seems to work out well. i know i like being able to subscribe to one thread for all the discussion i need on a particular product.

    the mobo forums just aren't what they used to be sad as it is. maybe this could rejuvenate things a bit?

    logistically i'm sure there are problems with merging forums, i dunno how difficult it might be but it seems like it'd have a positive outcome in the end.
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    Apr 2002
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    Re: Motherboard forum consolidation

    thanks for your suggestion.

    we have been looking at the forum structure for a little while now. im sure we will be making some changes when we upgrade our software. what those changes will be are not yet determined though.

    more information on this as it develops.

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    Feb 2004
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    Re: Motherboard forum consolidation

    I would like to "second" this suggestion.

    I was discussing this with Brandito on Team Speak the other night, and I also think this is a good idea.

    Just my $.02

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