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    Nov 2004

    I dumped Win 7 back to Xp

    I was one of those people who was having a terrible problem running a pair of 295's on collatz conjecture, as it was crashing my video drivers constantly and with the driver went the jobs. I was getting really annoyed by the fact that my 260 was doing 35,000/day and my pair of 295's was doing only 65,000 but all is back on track. I saw someone else who was running xp without a problem so I decided to try it and it worked, I had to use xp rather than vista to get all the cards recognized before so it's nothing new

    Currently it take me about about 25 minutes per job and each one is worth over 700 credits so I am probably going to be able to get close to 6000/hour so that will help out not just my numbers but the teams. Now I have to try and get my GTX 260 back on line. Both my other machines are having problems I have yet to trace. The 4400+ had been doing random shut downs for a while when I discovered the heat sink fan had died but replacing it didn't help so I installed a new heat-sink and it still is crashing, and the Q6600 keeps crashing too, reason unknown at the moment and not a concern as I can't afford to run it with no video card, it just can't produce enough to make it pay to run it.

    At least the heavy hitter is working again.

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    Oct 2001
    Southern Ontario

    Re: I dumped Win 7 back to Xp

    Yeah, my quad has been a little off and on lately too. Thankfully not due to stability issues, more do to OS updates and building of another computer. I turned off Boinc for a couple of evenings when I was building new computer for at work. I expected it would have taken me a week of nights to get the old Semperon to compile everything needed to get it up and running. So I temporarily converted both my Quad and other Semperon into a compiling farm. Got everything done in just a couple of nights.

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