Yeah, i think it's luck of the draw in more than one way; seems luck of the draw each time i reboot. system never seems to behave the same way twice.

So, i decided this beta bios wasn't what i wanted, so i downflashed to a bios that doesn't even officially support my processor, lol.

it works, of course, but I already notice that the northbridge is higher than previously; set at 1.2v, up from 1.1. sb is also higher at 1.3v, from 1.2.

truthfully, doesn't make all that much difference, between revisions except a few features aren't configurable, like ganged/unganged mode.

I don't really know what makes something stable or not, usually I consider it stable when it does what i want it too lol.

gonna keep pluggin away at it, and yeah, the extra 10-20 mhz isn't important at all, and not noticeable under any circumstances, but if I can get another 75 to 100, then that'd be great.