Aside from the voltage, the memory is running complete stock settings; 5-5-5-18-23.

Honestly, I can run 3.0 ghz at stock voltage, issue isn't the processor I don't think, it's with the motherboard. Random system freezes seem more heat related. Even assuming the core temps are wrong (which I believe they are slightly, under inflated) it's still well below their threshold.

Also, i don't think it's really unreasonable to expect to get some additional mhz from an overvolt. In this case, all my attempts to do such have been met with failure...this processor -- especially considering it's a BE -- people pay for this.

I've basically isolated the components to one of two, either the motherboard or the RAM.

I can run FSB from 225-250 with no issues, in any 3.1 configuration I choose. prime/orthros will run small and large ffts until the cows come home with no errors or crashes. As soon as I run 3dmark it will crash -- something not right there.