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    Jan 2002
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    linking reviews and news items to forum threads

    it'd be good to see more of the front page news items and reviews being linked to corresponding discussions on the forums.

    i think it'd bring more activity to the forums as well as new membership.

    not like every news item would warrant a new thread, i'd imagine just the bigger news items would get a thread, but for reviews especially it'd be a good place for discussion. i know i see ryan post such discussion threads from time to time but it'd be nice to see more of them.

    i often find myself reading a review or news item from the front page and expecting a link for discussion. i've seen other sites do this and i really like it, so it'd be good to see it on my preferred forums at PCPer
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    Apr 2002
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    Re: linking reviews and news items to forum threads

    thanks for your suggestion.

    we are working on some upgrades to the software for the main site and forums. one thing we have been looking at is a more tight relationship between the forums and the site.

    we are currently looking in to ways to try to make this happen.

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